Caregivers need a platform where they can share ideas, discuss trends in caregiving, and find information that could add value to the services they offer.

During my years placing nannies and other caregivers, I recognized that too many caregivers are ill-informed about their profession, thus leading to unrewarding job choices. This platform enables them to meet other dynamic caregivers who understand the value of the services they offer to families and ultimately society at large.

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Caregivers perform various types of jobs including caring for the most vulnerable, children, the elderly, and pets. On any given day, nannies push strollers along slushy streets on a snowy day or rush to escape the heat of the midday sun



The first rule of thumb is to care for yourself before you care for another person. This extends beyond the workplace into your own home. Embracing not only physical health but also emotional and psychological well-being is paramount….


Define You and Then Own It

Too often, a wide body of individuals like caregivers is narrowly defined and stereotyped due to the wrongful actions of a single individual who performs a similar job function. What is not brought into focus is the fact that a particular misdeed….


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I am a New Jersey/New York-based mother, former nanny agency owner, child care provider, friend, blogger, aspiring psychologist, writer…I wear many hats and try to wear them well. Some are huge and require versatility. Some are too small, so I toss them out…Big Dreams…Tiny Dreams, I do it all. A myriad of metrics can be used to measure the value of a human life, but perhaps the best is IMPACT. I often reflect on myself and my progress: What mark do I make on the universe? How do I shape a human life and how do I effect positive change? How do I best exploit opportunities and share my gifts? Do I tell another human being that he or she is simply beautiful, that he or she truly possesses the audacity to dream big dreams?

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