4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Nanny Circle….

  1. Its an awesome blog and I have no doubt that many will learn from your blog . Many nannies go through so much stress on the job and its great that at the end of the day , they can go home and get encouraged by the wonderful comments that will be post on here . Keep up the good work Lene


    • Thanks for your comment Shash. My nanny agency gave me the opportunity to hear nanny stories which were inconceivable. If this podium can help one nanny no matter in whatever capacity add value to her life or work situation; then I’ve achieved my goal. Let’s continue to inspire, learn, listen and grow. Thanks for being part of our community, your circle, my nanny circle.


  2. This is a very interesting piece of literature. I hope we can all sit back and look deep. It’s much deeper when you absorbe the messages. Love It.


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