Welcome to My Nanny Circle

This is an exciting and incredible journey for me because I have the ability to blog about a profession and a group of dynamic people who had; and still have a profound impact on me whether it’s personally, professionally and psychologically. The genesis of whom I would become was shaped first by working with an incredible family many years ago. It was at that point I understood how invaluable a good caregiver was to a family and at that point I also discovered the many facets of me. I experienced total metamorphosis!!!

Today I launch this site as a platform for caregivers to be able dialogue constructively. There will be laughter, endless possibilities to learn, to discover and to share., not only through this blog but my new book  titled “A Guide to Developing a Successful Family and Nanny Relationship..yes, it’s possible”

Welcome my friends to our community, your circle, my nanny circle.


There is always an A-HA moment when you realize your true purpose and gifts. When did your moment happen?


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10 thoughts on “Welcome to My Nanny Circle

  1. This is a very interesting blog often time nannies go unrecognized and don’t get any credit or not enough credit for the work they do…Alene my love my cousin I am so proud of you. God has great plans for you.XOXOXOXO


    • Glenda, thank you for all your support, it truly strengthens me. The nanny profession is one of many professions that goes unrecognized for the invaluable support it provides to families and ultimately the greater society. The doctor can go to work because the nanny has shown up to care for his kids, the stock broker can trade without childcare anxieties because the nanny is driving the kids to school today. The list goes on and on. When we raise awareness about who those phenomenal men and women are who perform these jobs; we are imprinting in the minds of people, a new extension of thinking as it relates to caregivers. Thank your for being part of our community, your circle, my nanny circle.


      • No Thank you for a wonderful blog because this topic is a very touchy one am happy you live it so you can relate to it especially coming from st.Lucia where you live with high standards and a good and decent life to beings a babysitter who would of thought not me but it is a job and someone has to do it.I just had an Aha moment when you said the doctor went in because the nanny show up I never look at it this way. I must admit I was a babysitter as well but I hated the title not the job I think in my mind I could do so much more and if u think it then you will believe it right now for me the sky is the limit !!! Lol catch me if you can is my motto.


        • Thanks for your feedback Glenda. I couldn’t help but notice your comment about actually loving the ability to execute the task of a babysitter but hating the name “babysitter” itself. This is very profound as many people struggle with that same concept just like you do. Some people in our society have attached a negative connation to the mere word “nanny” for instance and subsequently to the job functions involved. This indirectly affects the caregiver in so many ways. This is why in the introduction page of this website; I specifically talked about understanding yourself as a whole person and not defining yourself by other people’s unfounded ideas about the job. This extends beyond the caregiving profession to include all occupations. I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to work in childcare. I used it to catapult many other facets of my life. My caregiving jobs never defined me because I knew who I was then and now.

          This is going to be an exciting platform to be able to see the different ways that people view the job of a caregiver. Thanks for blogging.

  2. It is goof to have an end to journey towards;but it is the journey that matters ,in the end.For it is within reach we are all 100% perfectly imperfect.At every given moment we are absolutely perfect for what is required for our journey.You my friend is perfect for your journey.Interacting with others knowing they to each share the parallel on what life is or was like as a Nanny/Caregiver.Like u most on us started in the same place (As a nanny),and had many fond memories, some good ,some bad and some indifferent.No matter what the memories are as a past nanny for me I would not change a thing.My life as a nanny gave me that extra push in order to accomplish my goals.Working in an environment which morals and values were different from my own,it was a challenge especially when taking the place of the parents for several hours daily.They rely on u to serve in their place while they are out working,party or who knows……As a nanny I sometimes had to forget about morals and values and would have a character and behavior that looks impeccable ,lord knows dealing with some families were not easy .An then there is society which looks down on you and classing u as just a nanny,a servant or a domestic worker ……… Because of our deep involvement in raising those children as nannies we sometimes build a close relationship with them and love them as though they were our own.While my love for them and the ability to work with did seem like an important skill, I knew in my life there was always room for bigger and better things .It wasn’t easy I had to strive to be the best that I could be .A full time commitment , to be my best I had to work my hardest towards my journey……From being a nanny to earning a degree in Radiologic Technology .With the support of friends and family I was able to chase what seems impossible at one time ,soon as I started school I knew giving up was not an option.Now that I’ve reached my peak (Earning this degree) it’s just the beginning.We can do anything we put our minds to ,you have so many people behind I ,including me. You are strong,you are stronger than you will ever know. Keep going stron and let us know how it goes .Dont give up ! Remember who is behind you ! Improvement is the key to success and greater things . Am so proud of u keep it up ……..Nacha S. Haye.

    Nacha S.Haye

    • Nacha,thanks for your feedback. Your post is so profound and exemplifies and embodies true resilience. A resilience driven by the desire to tap into what looks difficult to achieve. I love your insight in juggling your own concept of morality, your own moral construct versus that of the families who once worked for. It’s a difficult balance to maintain when working in such an intimate setting seasoned with different moral values. I love your strength, I love the anchor you have provided for me and I extend an anchor back to you. I humbly accept all your well wishes. I’m so proud that you are in our community, your circle, my nanny circle.


    • Nacha my cousin I would love to read what you wrote but somehow I think am reading a book…lol but the little I read I like it very nice.


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