Welcome to My Nanny Circle

This is an exciting and incredible journey for me because I have the ability to blog about a profession and a group of dynamic people who had; and still have a profound impact on me whether it’s personally, professionally and psychologically. The genesis of whom I would become was shaped first by working with an incredible family many years ago. It was at that point I understood how invaluable a good caregiver was to a family and at that point I also discovered the many facets of me. I experienced total metamorphosis!!!

Today I launch this site as a platform for caregivers to be able dialogue constructively. There will be laughter, endless possibilities to learn, to discover and to share., not only through this blog but my new book  titled “A Guide to Developing a Successful Family and Nanny Relationship..yes, it’s possible”

Welcome my friends to our community, your circle, my nanny circle.


There is always an A-HA moment when you realize your true purpose and gifts. When did your moment happen?


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