Your Profile is a Very Powerful Glimpse of You…Take Time to Build it!

Often times, when caregivers respond to a job advertisement or create a profile about their work experience, they neglect to take the time necessary to ensure that the information provided is palatable to the reading audience. I understand the anxiety involved in searching for a job, the urgency one feels when responding to a job advertisement; however, utmost care must be taken to ensure that correct grammar and sentence structure is used. Parents are increasingly seeing the value in hiring a caregiver that can provide custodial care while simultaneously nurturing the cognitive development of their children. Hence, it is critically important to ensure that your resume or response to a job application is free from spelling errors and proofread several times. Repeatedly reading your writing aloud is a good way to identify and correct mistakes.

Keep your bio short but convey critical information such as your experience, education, work ethic, availability, and a brief synopsis of your caregiving experience and philosophy. What’s your story? What are your ideals and values? And how will you add value to a child’s life and ultimately the family structure? Articulate all of this information precisely.

Respond to emails promptly and avoid the use of slang and text-message language. Text jargon such as “brb” and “ttyl” is very annoying and unprofessional.  Ensure that you are not responding to scammers, and whenever you have a chance to meet with a family, request a meeting in a public space such as Starbucks or Panera Bread.

Let your profile stand out by devoting extra time to perfecting it, and always ensure that you have a handy resume available.

Lastly, remember that you are not alone. Many people find it quite difficult to build a resume. Post questions about building your bio here.


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