Exercise….Its Benefits Cannot Be Denied

For many, the very idea of exercise stresses them out. They don’t like exercise or have no time to exercise. A caregiver’s job is very demanding and can take a toll on the emotions very quickly, sending you on an emotional roller-coaster ride daily, thus increasing your stress level. It’s paramount then that while executing your job functions, you make a conscious decision to reduce your stress level as much as possible. This can be achieved through daily activities like exercise, prayer, and meditation.  We hear every day that exercise lowers stress, improves our mood and memory, and controls our anxiety level. We should however remember that this holds true even for people who are stressed out by the idea of exercise.

According to research, exercise attacks stress in two ways. First, by raising our heart rate, we can actually reverse damage to the brain caused by stressful events: Excessive stress atrophies the brain, especially in the area responsible for our memory. When we’re stressed, we are more likely to forget. Forgetfulness is unforgivable while caring for children. Caregivers must juggle too many schedules and activities and engage in quick thinking, so memory is crucial. Second, exercise promotes the production of neurohormones like norepinephrine that are associated with improved cognitive function and elevated mood and learning.

Diet, along with exercise, promotes good health, and good health increases longevity of life by keeping health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers, at bay.

Find creative ways to exercise. Recognize that exercise need not occur at a gym. You can simply walk at a faster pace while pushing a child in a stroller, do some sit-ups during breaks, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Pair up with a friend or another caregiver and begin an exercise regimen. Remember exercise offers not only esthetic benefits but also health benefits. Let’s move sisters!

(Always consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.)

Do you find time to exercise?

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4 thoughts on “Exercise….Its Benefits Cannot Be Denied

  1. This is an awesome blog. You are such an inspiration. Continue with your great post. Looking forward to reading your new book.

    I will ask my friend to accompany me at the gym.

    Thanks so much.


    • Thank you so much Linda. Welcome! I love the idea of a workout buddy, I have a few and when the can’t make it, I have my ipod with tons of good music. Have fun exercising and keep blogging!

  2. Most women don’t like to exercise,for silly reasons like,”I don’t like to feel sweaty, I don’t want my hear getting all messy”Most people aren’t comfortable going to a gym where other’s are looking at them, where they find that they aren’t doing as well as other gym goers…to these people I say,you can exercise in the comfort of your own home, while viewing your favorite shows,you lay a mat and do your exercise regimen right there, you can play your favorite music with an upbeat tempo and swing your waist to the rhythm. ..you can get a walking partner and an hour a day is just fine…you push your patient on their wheelchair after the sun has gone down. ..there are quite a few things we can do to keep our weight down,practising good eating habits,staying hydrated can help us life a healthier lifestyle. ..Alene you are a great inspiration to other’s,keep doing what you do…very informative read…an eye opener…I commend you for taking risk and going places and taking others along for this great ride with you…I will have to try and find a way to eliminate my unwanted stubborn belly fat..:-)thanks for all the great tips on EXERCISE.

    Sylvia Descartes

    • I really love your feedback Sylvia. I often hair women say that their hair will get sweaty if they exercise and I think…just shampoo it sisters! There are too many health benefits to exercising to let something so trivial as sweaty hair prevent one from doing it. Also many gyms have a designated workout area just for women and this helps the women who maybe shy about working out where guys are. I believe we should first embrace ourselves no matter what size we are…own it, define it and then we can begin to find ways to improve our areas of weakness. Sylvia, you are not alone, most women struggle with belly fat. I have been trying to get a six pack for half a year and I’m not even close; but that does not prevent me from pressing on.

      I am very happy to inspire someone else. I get inspired myself everyday by the goodness of humanity, people and friends like you. Therefore this journey is indeed exciting because some phenomenal people are on the ride with me;I thank God for that!

      Let’s move sister!

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