Nannies Jobs and Salaries

I’m often asked how much an average nanny earns for the invaluable service they provide. The answer that I give is simple: No two nanny jobs are the same, and, hence, no two nanny salaries will be the same. A nanny salary is based on several factors, such as the location of the job, the requirements of the job, the skills sets and/or education the nanny possesses, the number of children involved, the number hours of work, and, quite frankly, the family’s generosity.  I know nannies who earn as much as 80k a year or as little as 25k a year.

Generally live-in nannies earn less than live-out nannies. Likewise, a nanny who cares for multiple children, like twins and triplets, would earn more than a nanny caring for a single child.

What nannies, babysitters, or baby nurses need to remember is that they are professionals who are fully capable of bargaining for the most competitive salary during the interview process. It is at these times you should discuss important details of compensation like overtime, vacation pay, and holiday pay and yearly bonuses.

Lastly, remember that a very experienced nanny with favorable verifiable references will be better able to negotiate for a higher wage than a nanny with just a few months of experience. Therefore, stop sitting in the playground comparing your salary to another nanny’s salary; her circumstances may be quite different from yours. Instead of being disgruntled that you earn less, invest in education and training, which will allow you to earn your desired wage.

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