Every nanny/caregiver is entitled to fair pay for work done

While running a small nanny agency, I often came across nannies who were seeking employment because the family that they had worked with previously refused to compensate them fully for their services. It was incredulous! This was simply not possible. Ultimately, the sheer number of complaints shook me out of my slumber. Non-compensation is indeed an issue within the industry. Although the intimate setting of a home-based workplace sometimes camouflages the actual professional who offers the services, that intimacy does not condone this very inappropriate breach of law. If a family employing a caregiver suffers a financial setback and is thus unable to compensate the caregiver, the moral course of action is to assist that caregiver in finding another job and providing unbiased, truthful references. Many caregivers live from paycheck to paycheck. They cannot just wait while the family sorts out their financial situation.

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