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Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful circle of moms

Often times I look at my son and think to myself that I must be dreaming, yet if I am, these must be the sweetest dreams I have ever had. I look at his wide smile that seems to add a spark to the sun’s rays and illuminate everything around him and I think how could I be so blessed to experience something so beautiful, so magical and  so incredibly sweet…..the gift of motherhood! I know that many of you share my sincere passion of being a mother and so to you… I say… Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!

This year I plan on celebrating Mother’s Day by first running 5 miles and then spending some quiet time at a neighborhood park simply watching the ducks on a nearby pond. I choose to celebrate the day basking in the sheer simplicity yet magical aspect of life; like the beauty of the outdoors, the birds, the flowers and the Creator of it all. I plan of remembering my sisters who can’t have children and pray that their spirits be comforted this day.

Yet in all this, I plan of just loosening up and enjoying the not-so-serious side of me. With a “girly” dress on, a flower in my hair, soft sexy shoes on…I plan on sitting back and enjoying the “girl” in me; and if I’m tempted to work this day….I’ll continue to write my seductive book “Naughty Girls in High Heels” (after an apple martini) 

Loosen up and find that beautiful “girl” somewhere in the strong woman that’s you! Happy Mother’s Day


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