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Social Issues….We can make this world better one person at a time!

I had no intentions on blogging tonight but after my encounter with a young woman and her almost five year old daughter, I was compelled to channel my sadness to words.

The woman, an almost thirty year old, is living at a shelter in NYC with her beautiful daughter; she feels hopeless, embarrassed, she’s vulnerable and even in that psychological state she took to the streets today begging for alms. Her beautiful daughter was in tears when I encountered them and as I knelt down to embrace the child; I saw fear, tiredness and sadness in the little girl’s eyes. They had apparently spent half the day walking the streets trying to get a few dollars together to help buy basic necessities. After listening to the  woman’s story, I could not hold back the tears as I was consumed by a flood of emotions and questions for myself. Here was a woman in so much need, her story so intense, her situation so grave and then I thought…what was my own need, my story, my worry today? Absolutely nothing compared to this woman’s! So then, am I living a life of gratitude?

As I watched them walk away, while my spirit groaned in me, I wanted to run and hug the little child one more time; I wanted to make it better for them “now”; but I knew I could not. I left them feeling defeated because I know her story is one of millions of stories all over the world.  But as I settled home tonight before I began working again, I knew that I could do one thing for “her” and the many in my own community. I could call my other brothers and sisters to action. I could beg them to not turn a blind eye to the plight of the needy; I could ask them to use wisdom but erase any preconceived notions about people who may ask for alms and allow the innate goodness that we are all born with to answer the call.

Friends, there’s something magical about the human spirit; the soul; it has the ability to attract energies of a sincere heart if we don’t bury it with unkind thoughts. So, if you look into the eyes of a neighbor who needs your help and are moved to help…..WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP?

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