Be consistent with discipline in the presence or absence of the parents

The key to discipline is consistency. Whatever parent-approved discipline method a caregiver uses has to be executed in the same way each time, whether or not the parents are present. It’s interesting to watch caregivers who use forceful tones and body language, and the kids respond immediately with the desired behavior. However, those caregivers may be unable to get the kids to respond positively to a directive when the parents are present. This tells me the caregiver lacks consistency with discipline, so the child does not take the caregiver seriously.

Many will not use the strong, forceful tone they use in the absence of the parent. This confuses children, and many gravitate to the parent’s safety and avoid the caregiver altogether. Children do not need to be shouted at in order to listen. What they need are people who understand their behavior and their reasons for acting out, as well as effective discipline measures that are consistent, no matter who is in the listening or viewing audience.


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