Exercise an important aspect to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle

Every morning at 4:30, I rush downstairs and make myself the best cup of coffee in my 16oz coffee cup. The aroma from the coffee wakes me up and from this point I stay still just listening to the birds sing. I often think that they are singing songs of praise so I find my own creative ways of connecting to the source of this world’s energies; and praising him. From that point, I head to the gym where I put my body in motion and do what I really love to do…exercise!!!! It’s during my exercise routine, I’m able to plan my day and be attentive to my internal signals.  How do you start your day?


The first rule of thumb is to care for yourself before you care for another person. This extends beyond the workplace into your own home. Embracing not only physical health but also emotional and psychological well-being is paramount to effective service. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes making educated, conscious decisions about food. Cultivate healthy habits like daily prayer, meditation, and exercise. Encourage positive energy by inviting the right people into your circle. Take time to pamper and rejuvenate yourself…Mind…Body…and Soul.

Remember everyday the universe gives to us a blank slate to scribble the desires of spirit on it…be meticulous about choosing those desires. Choose those that will add wholesomeness and longevity to your life…

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