Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights NYC- Information for both the employer and employee

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Labor Rights and Protections for Domestic Workers in New York Domestic workers and their employers have rights and responsibilities under the Labor Law, including the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, which took effect on November 29, 2010. For more details, go to Who is a Domestic Worker? A “domestic worker” is someone who works […]

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Family & Nanny Guide Book…. a must read!

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Erase all what you thought you knew about family and nanny relationships and read “A Guide to Developing a Successful Family & Nanny Relationship” by Alene Mathurin; and delve into the working world of nannies and their caregivers. Celebrate successful relationships; learn how to develop and improve not so favorable relationships and understand clearly when it’s time […]

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A nanny’s attitude matters…What energies does a nanny take into the employer’s home daily?

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With many families’ schedules and time stretched thin, the increased stress of their jobs and the demands of running a household, who needs another negative Lucy around, especially in the comforts of a private dwelling? Nannies, be mindful of the conscious or unconscious energies you are taking into your employer’s home. An effective caregiver understands […]

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