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A nanny’s attitude matters…What energies does a nanny take into the employer’s home daily?

With many families’ schedules and time stretched thin, the increased stress of their jobs and the demands of running a household, who needs another negative Lucy around, especially in the comforts of a private dwelling? Nannies, be mindful of the conscious or unconscious energies you are taking into your employer’s home. An effective caregiver understands the importance of not allowing their personal stresses to govern their actions and attitudes while working.

Clearly understand that a positive and optimistic person can be like a ray of sunshine in the home and may help quell existing tensions. Likewise a caregiver who is seemingly always upset, never smiles, and has little to say can make the relationship with employers very awkward and difficult.Simple gestures like a genuine smile, a warm greeting, a calm demeanor, and a positive outlook can go a long way, and eventually your employers will associate you with feeling good. This is paramount in a successful relationship.

Families, also be mindful not to allow your own personal stress affect your relationship with your caregiver. If an individual is stressed, that person’s tolerance level is lower, and he or she may be quick to negatively react to a situation that may not have warranted that approach. Take a “time out” and reflect on the problem you have with the caregiver, and approach it with the goal of improving the work situation.

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