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True love is being able to love and care for “that” which is not your own!

Seeing caregivers love so freely; love “that” which is not their own; love without boundaries often makes me smile. It renews my hope in humanity; it tells and reminds us that’s how we were programmed to be. The ability to show concern, the warm of an embrace; being able to bask in the sincerity and smile of a child is really divine love. Divine love which is the only true love, emanating from God himself; the divine presence; the divine intelligence.

“The embrace of a child, the sincerity of the smile, the love in their eyes…make me come day in and day out….that’s why I spent so many years as nanny”,  Alene Mathurin. Now, I use this experience, my life coach skills and educational background in psychology to help the community I love so much!

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