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Nannies Love the Huggies Brand

Nannies attest to the great quality of the Huggies brand

I was overwhelmed by the gathering at Nannypalooza over the past weekend. The group comprised phenomenal hardworking caregivers who are making a vast difference in the caregiving industry. A gathering of brilliant minds who understand how a caregiver can positively impact the lives of children and thus the families for which they work.  Organizers incorporated this understanding of and need to focus on skills as part of their event, training sessions, support groups, and so forth. Even better, the informal conversations among the nannies and the comradery that emerged during that weekend resonated with me and spoke to the innate love that many of the caregivers have for their profession and the children in their care. They were certainly not shy when it came to new product innovation and all the simple yet brilliant products that make caring for children easier, products that all caregivers must have while caring for children.

Caregivers at the nanny event lavished praise on products like Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Refillable Wipes because no longer is it necessary to carry baby wipes in a ziplock bag as many caregivers do. We all know that if you care for young children, wipes are a must have not only for diapering moments but also to clean little faces, little hands while at the playground, or crusty little noses.  With Huggies Clutch and Clean wipes a caregiver or parent can very easily strap the clutch to a stroller or diaper bag and have it at the ready for those inevitable moments when a wipe or two is absolutely necessary.

Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes are a brilliantly thought-out product that is refillable and portable. I refill mine with Huggies® wipes that have Triple Clean* layers and a soft texture that is gentle against skin but strong enough to tackle any mess. Suppose you are at an enrichment class and a child needs a diaper change; you quickly grab your clutch, clutch it to your arm, pick up a diaper and the child, and go. Voila … you are at the changing table! You no longer need to struggle with a wipe case in your hands while holding the child and the diaper or even struggle with a bulky diaper bag while in at an enrichment class.

I know firsthand that caregivers are always looking for products like these, products that are practical, easily available, and of high quality. Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean is definitely on my must-have list for everyday basic products that all caregivers should have while caring for children.



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