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Making a Nanny’s Job Easier!

For the right person, a nanny’s job — caring for children — is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs by far. However caring for even one child requires not only a big heart full of love but also a huge amount of organizing, planning, quick thinking, and the ability to see and hear everything. Many nannies, however, are asking how their employers can make their jobs easier, especially when caring for several very young children. I will, over the course of some time, examine ways nannies can minimize their stress on the job.

First Things First…Being a Nanny is Not for Everyone!

  • Every nanny knows how physically and mentally exhausting the job can be, even for the most adept and experienced of us; however the most important prerequisites for the job are not a strong back and endless patience: it is a sincere love for children. This is rule number one, no exceptions. It’s as a result of that divine love that caregivers will be able to extend patience, respect and nurturing for the children entrusted to them. This sincere love for children enables nannies to be able to be attentive to children’s needs while keeping them safe and protected. Therefore, a passion for children and not seeing the nanny’s job as a means to an end is the first rule in caring for children. With this understanding we can now talk about some things that can make a nanny’s job easier!

Here We Go, Nannies!

To make your job easier, always make sure you have everything the children in your care need, wherever you are — at home, driving around, or in a park or museum. Nannies who have experience with twins and triplets are fast thinkers, quick on their feet, have an abundance of energy and are thoroughly organized. They keep diaper bags that are fully stocked with plenty of diapers, wipes, ointments, diaper mats for those inevitable times, formula, water, toys and change of clothes. In my almost twelve years of caring exclusively for twins, my diaper bag was always stocked with Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers,  Huggies Natural Care® Wipes, Aquaphor, teething and colic tablets, a few stuffed toys and lots of hand sanitizer. I knew the products that worked the best and when I found another one, the parents and I stuck to them…it was one less thing to think about. Nannies must be able to find the products that work best for their child care regimen.

As simple as this seems, not being prepared can result in very stressful situations, and can cause children discomfort — the last thing a nanny wants. When a child is prone to diaper rash for example, that child’s diaper must be changed as soon as it is soiled. Leaving the home without making sure that the diaper bag is fully stocked can lead to unnecessary stress for the nanny and discomfort for the child. In the next blog I will touch on topics such as safety and effective communication with employers.

It’s winter and in most places we have frigid temperatures, so it’s time to pull out your craft kits, water paint, Play-Doh©, baking tools, cookie sheets and let the (Martha Stewart) in you come out while having fun with the children in your care.

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