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We Celebrate the Work of Newborn Care Specialists in our Area

Many New York couples, especially first-time parents, use a newborn care specialist, often called a baby nurse, to help them transition a baby into their household. A “baby nurse” however, describes a RN or LPN specializing in working with newborns.  A newborn care specialist is neither an RN nor an LPN, in most cases, and this must be clearly understood. A newborn care specialist, on the other hand, is usually a very experienced nanny with vast knowledge of and extensive training in newborn care. She’s very adept in how and when to put the babies on a schedule. The baby nurse will take special care of a newborn, and her duties include scheduling, feeding, diapering, bathing, laundering the baby’s clothing, and maintaining the baby’s room. Many specialists recognize that soon after the birth of a child, the parents and especially the mother, require support. Thus, these specialists provide that support in many areas, especially breast feeding and ensuring that the new mother gets enough deserved rest. The specialist will even get up for nighttime feedings and diaper changes. When there are older children in the household, specialists are instrumental in helping them acclimate to a newborn, which is a very important dynamic to consider in multiple household dwellings.

A baby nurse very often helps organize the nursery and is familiar with the use of certain medical equipment, feeding systems, and apnea monitors. She’s also very instrumental in helping new parents choose products that will help with the care and comfort of the newborn. As a certified newborn care specialist, I know the importance of choosing and recommending the right products, especially diapers. Trusted products like Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers and Huggies Natural Care® Wipes are by far the best out there and are trusted by many specialists and millions of families. Our professional nanny community, which includes baby nurses, loves and supports the Huggies® brand, as we are keenly aware that the products simply work as they should. The diapers provide outstanding skin care and the wipes can tackle any mess, but are still gentle on baby’s skin.

An effective specialist is also quick to recognize usual infant medical issues like jaundice and reflux, and when the baby has colic issues, she knows how to reduce the baby’s discomfort.

The specialist’s job, although tough, is often very rewarding. Many are successfully able to acclimate a newborn into a household and develop fundamental regimens such as sleeping and feeding schedules, which help the entire household function better.

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