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How you could be interviewing for your next job and not even know it!

By James Phinizy



How you could be interviewing for your next job and not even know it!


I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘Light attracts light” which basically transcends to “The good karma/energy that you put out shall also be the good karma/ energy that shall be attracted back onto you”. One thing that I have observed time after time in my many years of teaching is the kind of impact a positive caregiver’s energy can have over the families that they work for. You would even be surprised to hear that a caregiver’s/Nanny energy may even come up in a “Parent/Teacher’s conference” or “Parent’s Social Event”. People are observant by nature and every little thing that you do whether it’s negative or positive is being noticed, and perhaps maybe even discussed at some point.

So don’t be surprised once you put some of these principals into practice when you start to be approached at pick-up, extra-curricular activities, or the park by on looking Parent’s. Who knows…? This could totally be the vantage point that you may need from being in the backseat taking orders from a controlling pushy Parent who may take you for granted. To being in the front seat helping call the shots of a caring, loving family who values you and deserves all your yummy attributes.




  1. Attitude is everything.


“Believe it or Not” one of the first thing people notice about you is your attitude. I have a lot of friends who are very hardworking talented people but unfortunately are pessimists by nature and have missed out on great opportunities because of the way that they were perceived by a first impression. Don’t let this be you! You want to make sure when you walk in a room that your energy is light and positive. And for goodness sake “smile” I promise it won’t kill you!



  1. Dress the part.


I think one of the biggest misconceptions of being a caregiver that you can have is buying into the belief “That since you work with kids how you look doesn’t really matter”. Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s a fact that when you look good, you feel good! And when you feel good you exude confidence! And when you are exuding confidence you are projecting positive energy that people can’t help but just want to be around you, whether it’s children or adults. So go ahead and put some effort into your appearance. Put on some make-up, and make sure your hair looks great while you are at it! I also recommend finding a casual yet dressy style with comfortable material that you can also dress up with accessories. Most importantly finding a great supportive flat dress shoe is key considering you spend most of your day on your feet.


  1. Know your worth.


You have a great unique quality that you are bringing to the table that will impact the lives of the families that you are working for. It’s important you find that quality and excel in it so that it is noticeable to all who know your work ethic. Unfortunately, if you don’t know your worth from the gate you may find yourself in a situation of being taken advantage of and settling in a position where you are

going to be miserable and unhappy. Just remember this “If you don’t know your worth, how can expect anyone else to know it for you?”


  1. Speak your ideal position into existence.


Whether you know it or not your words are powerful affirmations that can help you create your ideal path to success by using positive language. However on the other hand, it also can work against you if you are using negative words and phrases and before you know it you can find yourself in a repetitive cycle of frustration and complacency. Try to stay away using negative phrases like: “I’m not that lucky!”, “I hate my job!”, “I’m not happy!”, or “I feel  stuck!”. I strongly believe that “If you can visualize it, then you can achieve it”. I suggest writing down on a piece of paper a list of the things that you desire for your ideal position (Ex: 1.) A caring family who values my input, 2) Flexible schedule, 3) My desired pay rate. Etc). Don’t let the current situation that you may be in become a discouragement from you stepping out on faith and attracting your next ideal position to you. Remember not every caregiver is fit for every family, and not every family is going to be fit for every caregiver! And guess what? That is O.K! If you put all of these principles into practice alongside of your own personal gifts, and talents then there will be hundreds of families who would love to have you work with them.



  1. Look for the good in the children you are working with.

Let’s face it not every caregiver is going to work with angelic children who come at the beckon call of a whistle and can sing “Ava Maria” in perfect pitch. The truth of the matter is most of the children you work with will be products of their environments and probably spoiled in some areas. This is why it’s important from your first interview with the family that you make it crystal clear that you are a stickler for respect! The moment you build that rapport with the child you can enjoy the other wonderful qualities that the children possess and help them go on to building incredible character. Remember that’s one of the reasons you are there is to make an impact in that child(ren) life. If you can effortlessly see the good in other people’s children, I guarantee you that other people will see the good in you and appreciate you for it.



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