Earth day

Happy Earth Day

Parents & Caregivers, we Have a Responsibility

to Teach Kids to be Sensitive to our Planets

Often times when I visit a neighborhood park or hiking along a trail, I’m caught up by the sheer beauty of nature and the earth itself. However, if we don’t do our part to ensure that we care for the earth, we will continue to see the destruction of important ecosystems. We all can do our part by ensuring that we model the right behaviors to our children; behaviors that will benefit the earth and ensure its sustainability. It’s fundamentally important that we teach children about the need to care for the earth.  We can start by ensuring that they enjoy nature and they will ultimately learn to appreciate and care for it. Start by:

  1. Allowing kids to simply play outside- get their hands dirty in the soil and smell the flowers. Growing up on an island my favorite thing to do was running outside without shoes while playing hide-and-seek with my cousins. Kids love that!
  2. Explore all the wondrous parks that you will find in mostly all cities and suburbs. Throw a picnic on the grass, blow some bubbles and watch the birds as they fly by. Kids are so busy in the winter months with school and enrichment classes and so it’s important for them to have time to simply relax. What better place to do that than the outdoors!
  3. No matter if you are in the city or the suburb start a small garden with the kids. The kids will be amazed when they see a seed sprouting in a small pot on the window ledge. While you have planted a physical seed with them, realize that you are also mentally sowing important seeds about where some of our foods come from. Have that conversation!
  4. Have conversation with them about why you recycle and what are the effects of products that are not biodegradable to our planets.

There’s so much that we all can do in our own unique ways to save our planet and to ensure that our children enjoy the things that our grandparents once enjoyed. Happy Earth Day!

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