The Heart of the 21ST Century Nanny Campaign

A Sprout of love and devotion…The Heart of the 21ST Century Nanny Campaign.

As a mom and having worked as a nanny for over 12 years, I am delighted to share my enthusiasm for the nanny profession.

 It is a passion that has compelled  me to embark on a mission to encourage and inspire nannies, to add their voice to discourse on the nanny profession, and to take up a cause to educate society about the meaningful contribution we make in the lives of children, their families, our families, our communities, and, ultimately, American society.


 As professional caregivers we share a commonality: our sincere love for children and our awareness of the fact that we are able to positively shape these children’s lives. Unfortunately, there are some segments of society that view nannies as illiterate women who simply push strollers in the streets of major cities. Perhaps, many caregivers have served families faithfully and loved their children with a sincere and compassionate heart yet those same families have defaulted on the promise to respect them and their contribution. I encourage my peers to not be fazed by distorted perceptions, to refuse to bear ill will, and to never allow resentment to affect how you treat others. Instead, commit   to serving with dignity, respect, and love. Know that the world possesses as many great families as kind and loving caregivers like you.


 I implore caregivers to love the children in your care with a kind and compassionate heart. Regardless of what ideas someone else may have of your job, know that you are phenomenal and that the idea of success is subjective. In this profession your strength is evidence in the tender embrace you give to a child and your insurmountable riches of character and values that you’ve helped to instill in those you’ve helped to raise. Remember caregivers, struggles will come, especially when working in the intimate setting that serves as your workplace, but remember to take the high road. Never compromise your dignity, discipline, or respect. Recognize the power of dialogue and cradle that knowledge in your heart for use as often as possible.


l appeal to my fellow caregivers to participate in mobilizing efforts to benefit the nanny community and to even take it upon yourselves to offer encouragement, hope and motivation to one another. And if an outsider asks when you plan to find a real job, like they often do, confidently tell them that you are exactly where you want to be. You are enough!


I’m thankful for the invaluable support I’ve received towards these ventures. I value my peers as people, as professionals, as parents, as siblings, and as children.  We love children   who   are not   our   own   as if   they   were. Not everyone can do that. We juggle  our own family  dynamic  and enter another  family’s  dwelling   to  be  a positive  addition  to  that  family. Not everyone can do that, either. This is why I celebrate the profession and the professional, and  why  I invite  my  peers  to  break  bread  together  as a community, as a family, and as children of God at Nanny Connect Breakfast Event on August 1, 2015 in Manhattan.


 what I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand:’ Confucius.


We know what must be done to rise above our challenges. As 21st Century Nannies, now is the time to do it together.  Now is the time to bridge the gap between nannies of different ethnicities, religions, cultures, and languages. Now is the time to acknowledge the importance of the caregiver’s profession. Now is the time to recognize our value as people. So for your invaluable service, for the love you have for children and their families, and for being the movers and shakers that you are, I invite you to be a part of a community, our circle, my nanny circle.


Alene Mathurin



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