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I’m excited to let you know that we will be posting weekly jobs on this blog from next week. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback about the blog and I’m humbled by your support. Please invite someone else to join our Facebook Nanny group through the link below. I also welcome families to join the group. Together, we can impact positive change in the nanny community.


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4 thoughts on “Join My Nanny Circle Facebook Nanny Group

  1. Hi, just saw your blog on facebook on a friend’s page. I live in Hartford CT, and just wanted to know if you have any jobs available in my area, or if you are covering this state too. Thanks.


    • Hello Tya, hope you are having a good day. Could you kindly contact Alyssa at She will give you all the details of where they actually place caregivers. We were given these jobs by a Agency that’s looking to hire professional caregivers for families. Please let her know you saw the post on this post. All the very best with your search. Best regards…Alene

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