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Nannies and Nanny Placement Agencies

Tips for Nannies when Going Through a Nanny Placement Agency

 So you are searching for a nanny job and you end up calling a nanny placement agency hoping that you will find the best family to work for. What should you keep in mind?

Tip 1:

First impressions are everlasting

Introduction is key, nannies. How you present yourself on the telephone will give the recruiters at the agency some idea of you who are as a professional. Never call an agency and begin a dialogue like this: “Hello, you have any nanny jobs?” NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are professionals and must always present yourself as such. Instead try this:

“Good morning, my name is Alene Mathurin and I’m calling to inquire about possible available nanny jobs.” Caregivers, first impressions are everlasting, no matter how cliché you think this may sound, but the fact is, the saying holds a lot of truth. The idea that the recruiter should know what you are looking for is not true however they should be able to provide you with enough information about the family, in order for you to be able to make an informed decision as to whether you want to interview with that family.

Tip 2:

Be prepared for the evitable & the inevitable situations

If you have been asked to visit the agency to apply for potential jobs in person, remember to present yourself as a professional. Be conscious of the way you are dressed and exude confidence; you know your stuff, but someone has to believe it and it depends on how you present yourself. Have a detailed resume; ensure that you have all your references and that you have consulted with them about the fact that you will be using them as references.  Of course, it’s the polite thing to do! Remember give the recruiter a firm handshake and always be polite. There’s no need to be anxious during the interview with the recruiter. Remember they need you to be able to earn revenue for their businesses.

Tip 3:

You don’t have to work with a mean spirited recruiter-run!

If you encounter a recruiter from a nanny placement agency who’s not polite and seems to look down on you as a service provider- DO NOT WORK WITH THEM! NO PROFESSIONAL NANNY HAS TIME FOR THAT! Ensure that you are doing your part to have a successful and detailed interview with the recruiter but also ensure that the respect that you have shown to this individual is reciprocated.

Tip 4:

Know exactly what you are looking for

Never be coerced in accepting a job that you really do not want. Some recruiters may simply want to find a caregiver for a family perhaps for economic reasons and some caregivers complain that they feel obligated in taking a job that they know may not work out or is in their best interest. RUN IF YOU FEEL THAT A RECRUITER DOES NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!!!! PLEASE RUN, REALLY FAST!

Tip 5:

Embrace who you are!

Make no apologies because you speak a second language. Speak clearly and to the best of your ability. It’s a privilege to be able to speak a second or third language. As a matter of fact, you can use it while negotiating for salaries and so forth. Remember many families are very open and excited for their children to learn a second language. Buenos Dias! Bon Jour! Bom Dia!

Tip 6:

Less is sometimes More!

It’s better to say less about your previous employers in some cases. Appearing as someone who complains or seems to always have conflicts in relationships may not help the recruiter see you in a good light. If you’ve had a bad experience with a previous employer consider outlining to the recruiter, the things that you are trying to avoid. For example instead of complaining that your previous employers were never on time to relieve you at the end of the day; try saying the following: “I’m a very punctual and reliable caregiver and I’m looking to work for a family who will appreciate this and likewise be able to respect my own time”.

Tip 7:

Recruiters are not the decision-makers when it comes to a family hiring a nanny.

Remember nannies, although the recruiters are conducting initial interviews with you to gain more insight about you as an individual and professional, they do not have the final say in deciding who the families will hire. So please, do not take it personal, if you have been interviewed by a family and you were not hired; there’s no need to get upset with the recruiter. Instead believe that you will eventually be paired with the right situation. DO NOT BE NEGATIVE – “As a man thinketh, so shall it be”. Be Optimistic! No one wants a pessimistic person around them or even constantly calling them- NO RECRUITER HAS TIME FOR THIS!

Tip 8:

Do your own research about the placement agencies- every nanny agency is not created equal. Find out about their core values and how they regard caregivers. Evaluate the way they speak with you over the telephone and their level of courtesy and judge fairly the overall experience you had when you visited the agency. Great agencies pride themselves is treating both families and caregivers respectfully and value their business. Remember you help keep these agencies in business by signing up with them.


In the world of social media, there’s a false comfort in the fact that you are free to post anything-caregivers please be mindful of the stuff that you post online. The content of your social posts give potential families and agency personnel a glimpse of who you are. There are many agencies that conduct their own external research about the potential professional they are referring to families.  Although you may argue that this is your private life, the information you post is public, and more families are turning to social media for more information about nannies.


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2 thoughts on “Nannies and Nanny Placement Agencies

  1. Excellent job. Well done. This is written pefectly. I always tell my students the exact same thing. They need you as much as you need them. Be professional and prepared.

    Great job Alene. Thanks for tips. I would be sharing this on my site.

    Abby Roberts

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