Nanny of the Week-Esperanza Pareja

Please join me in congratulating Esperanza Pareja, our Nanny of the Week . Espy as she is loving called by her friends is constantly smiling and this attracts so many people to her, especially parents and other nannies. She’s always busy organizing or attending playdates and is also quick to help fellow nannies.  The love she has for her family and her strong faith resonates after a short conversation with her. Congratulations Espy~ you are a phenomenal woman and a great nanny.

1.     What makes you a “Nanny Extraordinaire”?

I have a great deal of patience and truly love children. I value the nanny profession and recognize each day the incredible impact I have on the lives of the children I work with.


2.     What is your Nanny Story?

Many years ago someone once offered me the opportunity to care for their children- what a privilege this was and from the moment I saw the value of a good nanny. I love the connection that I develop with the children that I care for.


3.     How do you make a difference in the nanny community?

I collaborate with parents who entrust the care of their children to me, to teach them important values especially from others cultures. I’m also proud to teach these children my Spanish language.


4.     What are your thoughts about the nanny profession?

The nanny profession allows one to develop and enjoy an enriching experience with the parents and children as long as everyone is on the same page as it relates to values, rules and so forth.


5.     What is the most valuable lesson learned while working as a nanny?

First, a nanny needs to love the child in her care with an unconditional love. Nannies should have an abundance of patience.


6.     What advice do you have for nannies that are new to the profession?

First a good nanny exhibits the ability to make quick spur-of-the moment decision for the benefit of the children. Nannies need to be dedicated and the job is reserved for people with a lot of patience and those with a big heart that can love.


7.     Tell us the one thing that people need to know about nannies?

People need to remember that we are human beings with double capacity to care, protect and have the ability to teach and love children as if they were our own children.


8.     Once out of the nanny role what activities do you engage in and can’t do without?

I love to read and enjoy the outdoors. Most importantly I love to spend time with family.


9.     How do you define wholesome living?

Wholesome living for me means healthy eating; always thinking positively and I smile as much as I can.


10.  How do you manage stress in your life?

I ask God to enlighten me and give me patience every day. I also engage in activities that I love to thwart away stress.




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