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Nannies and Their Children Facing Homelessness

Please Help Give Hope to the Marginalized in Our Nanny Community

In my closet space, I often questioned why I started this blog and why I am so passionate and moved by the nanny community and by the women who do this job—a job that no amount of money can truly compensate. Although I always knew that this platform was a valuable one, today I recognized why the great presence that leads me allowed me to focus so much of my attention in this direction. Today was my “aha” moment—one filled with tears and of sadness, a moment when I simply sat at my desk and surrendered to the consciousness of this world’s great energy.
I sat back and listened to the plight of a nanny, a woman like you and me. She found me through this blog. She is living at a shelter in Brooklyn with her two children: a three-year-old boy and her precious one-year-old daughter. The family is homeless and feels isolated, confused, and hopeless. She tried to manage under extremely difficult circumstances, but life simply happened. Her homelessness does not reflect the woman she is; it is instead situational. You see, my friends, this hard-working woman was employed with a family and worked day and night to ensure that she had a roof over her children’s heads while guaranteeing that the children she cared for were loved. Sadly, the family she was with relocated to another city, and perhaps because of a language barrier, she has not been able to find a full-time job to better her situation.

She’s cries over her fear of being at a shelter, yet because so many people are quick to judge others—even during tumultuous times—she has been unable to cry out for help. This woman who migrated to this great country of hope now feels hopeless and isolated in a foreign land and is left crying for basic necessities for her children. They need shoes, clothes, and food, but most importantly, they need us as a community. They need women like us, mothers and fathers who refuse to allow this family to suffer one more night. They need the pure hearts that are nestled in each of us to answer their call. They need people like us who will extend a hand and help. She needs an employer like you who is stirred to action by her story and who will allow her to put in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

You might be asking why I am so moved by this situation. The answer is that this very week I heard another story incredibly similar to this one—one that would shatter the most hardened heart! Then I thought of all the untold stories housed in sad hearts and minds, stories narrated each night on floors and pillows in shelters across the United States, stories of women like you and me. I’m moved because I know what it feels like to be hungry. And I know what it’s like to be afraid. But I’ve seen the kindness there is in humanity, and I know that this blog post will touch one of you. Would you please help this woman? Perhaps we can shape our collective conscience in this community by refusing to let this woman’s needs go unnoticed. Perhaps when we come together and help remove this family from its dire situation, we all will realize that the great energy in the universe is not in fact inured to our needs and to us, but that it’s within us to simply step up and do what’s right. Perhaps this call to action will give this woman hope. And we know what happens to a woman who has hope. A spark ignites within her that lights her soul on fire, and she begins to see the vibrancy in the colors around her; she begins to live again, and as she lives, so too do her children! Would you help them live and give her a chance to taste the sweetness of the fruits of hope? Can you find it in your hearts to help?

Please go to to help if you have been moved to help. #giveherhopeagain.


As much as we all want to help it was important for me to be able to validate the claims for help . I got authorization from the one of the women needing help to post her information, however I also want to protect her privacy but she insisted that I tell her story. She believes that her story will help women going through similar issues that are afraid to simply cry out for help because of the fear of being judged.

Name: Maria Luis

Shelter:Kingston Family Residence, Brooklyn

Case Worker: Ms Johnson

Contact Number: 718-221-9400










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2 thoughts on “Nannies and Their Children Facing Homelessness

  1. I am also touched by this story, we need to reach out to each other, because we never know about tomorrow, we can easily findout ourselves in such situation. Let’s let someone know there is always #HOPE


    • Thanks thanks so much for all your help and for the work you and your community have started doing for one of the women in the situation. I pray that God will give me the wisdom and patience to do my part.Have a great night!

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