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Diaper Drive- Nanny Connect Event

Nanny Connect Breakfast Event- Social Cause

Nanny Connect Breakfast Event- Diaper Drive! We will be collecting diapers at the event. The diapers will be donated to the Department of Social Services in St Lucia. It’s my intention to give some of the diapers to the health center where I was born in St Lucia. Charity begins at home but does not stop there! I intend with the help of others, to begin a drive for some of the other islands. We are indeed each other’s keeper~ the fundamental law of the Great Energy that guides the universe. ‚Ä™¬†Together we can do incredible work to benefit people that are in need. I know that the phenomenal women that work as professional nannies all over, will respond to this drive because many of us know firsthand what poverty is. We have tasted its bitterness yet it’s the knowledge of the bitterness of poverty and our own unique experiences that have caused us to be sensitive to the plight of the less fortunate; to constantly be at a state of awareness not only because of our immediate dire needs but also the needs of those around us.

I believe, that when we give freely, when we do it from a place of humility, seeking no recognition but giving all the dues to the one who created us, a peace abounds within us-one that truly surpasses human understanding. We came with nothing and we return with nothing, except the infinite soul that captures every minute details of our lives and goes back to its maker.

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