Nanny of the Week- Edline Harris

Please join me in congratulation Edline Harris, our Nanny of the Week. Edline’s story of perseverance in the face of challenges is so inspiring to many of us. She has been able to squeeze the good out of every bad situation she has been confronted with. Today, she’s doing exactly what she desire to, daring herself to fulfil every dream she once had while simply enjoingy her life. Here’s Edline in your own words.


What makes you a “Nanny Extraordinaire”?         

Some unique things which makes me a “nanny extraordinary” are my communication skills, my flexibility, my interpersonal skills, my honesty and integrity, my dedication with strong work ethic, reliability, loyalty my self-motivation and passion.

What is your Nanny Story?      

Being a nanny can be a very rewarding career both personally and financially. However, being a nanny played a big role in my personal life; I have also developed and nurture a genuine love and a sense of fun. Having said all of that, after emigrating from Dominica in 2003 where I worked as a full-time nanny with busy families has taught me how to multi task between my work, school and social life. Though there was not much time to play, I was able to become a published author with a book called” Life as an Immigrant” and finishing a BA degree in criminal justice.

How do you make a difference in the nanny community?

Effective leadership is what I strive for in my life which I will bring to the nanny community.

What are your thoughts about the nanny profession?

I think that the nanny profession is a very rewarding profession based on how we treat it. I believe that one has to treat this profession very professional in order to be effective.

What is the most valuable lesson learned while working as a nanny?

One of the most valuable lessons learnt from being a nanny is learning a lot about myself. Working with children widens my scope of thinking which enabled me on how to step outside the box when considering how to make decisions.

What advice do you have for nannies that are new to the profession?

My advice to new nannies would be, be ready to treat the nanny profession with professionalism, be a good communicator, know your goals, have love for children, be a hard worker. be polite and be a role model in every aspect of your life.

Tell us the one thing that people need to know about nannies?         

This is a very interesting question which has many answers. However, I will say that nannies will provide you with the service that they are paid for. For example; you pay for an excellent service that’s what you will get.

Once out of the nanny role what activities do you engage in and can’t do without?     

My life is a very interesting one, there many things that I get engaged in after my nanny role, such as writing, taking care of my family and reading but the one thing I look forward to and can’t do without it is ” me time”.

How do you define wholesome living?

Providing  a foundation for living mindfully. Always be aware of what we are doing, saying and thinking.

How do you mange stress in your life?

I am a strong believer therefore, my problems are taken to my God. Spending time with God be it at the gym, on the beach or backyard I make to time for God.

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