Nanny of the Week-Janet Joseph

Please help me congratulate our Nanny of the Week, Janet Joseph. Janet believes that she has the ability to leave a positive imprint in the lives of every child she comes into contact with. Her positive attitude and carefree spirit makes her easy to get along with. Here’s Janet in her own words.


What makes you a “Nanny Extraordinaire”?

I see myself not just as someone pushing a stroller but also as a teacher, a mentor, a visionary.


What is your Nanny Story?

I left the islands in search of something better I then met this beautiful little girl Miranda who just stole my heart. She taught me that you can love another child just as you love your very own even when that child is not your own.


How do you make a difference in the nanny community?

By educating myself and sharing what I know with others so that we can grow stronger together as a community. Each one teaches one, never too big or small, young or old to learn.


What are your thoughts about the nanny profession?

It is one of the most demanding jobs but it is full of rewards. The smile, laughter and joy that you give and also receive from the children make all the difference


What is the most valuable lesson learned while working as a nanny?

Be careful what you do or say, you never know who is watching you .You are touching lives and making positive changes everyday.


What advice do you have for nannies that are new to the profession?

Be passionate about what you do, educate yourself as much as possible about your profession and see yourselves as professionals.


Tell us the one thing that people need to know about nannies?

There are many nannies that are very loving and they have big hearts. People should understand that a good nanny makes can influence a child’s life in a very positive manner


Once out of the nanny role what activities do you engage in and can’t do without?

Cooking and being creative


How do you define wholesome living?

Being happy and contented


How do you manage stress in your life?

Praying, going for long walks and getting a good novel to read.







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