nanny of the week-benedicta

Nanny of the Week-Benedicta George

Congratulations Benedicta! You are the Nanny of the Week! Your positive attitude, professionalism and love for children and their families is evident within a few minutes of conversation with you. Your willingness to learn and source training opportunities will further advance your career as a professional nanny. Most of all, your humility and pleasant disposition is admirable. Please help congratulate Benedicta George! Here’s Benedicta in her own words.


What makes you a “Nanny Extraordinaire”?        

I believe that I’m unique in many ways. I see myself as a professional and I’m also very passionate about the nanny profession. I am an individual with great character and integrity and I have confidence in my natural abilities to care and love children. These are what make me extraordinary.


What is your Nanny Story?

My career originally started in the tourism sector where I worked as a Honeymoon Specialist. I then moved to NYC and I was jobless! I joined a group called “Nannies For Us” and it has changed my life story tremendously. I am also a mom of a 4 year old son and now working in this profession has given me great ideas and fundamental plans for my son’s future.  Caring for children is not new to me as I have always cared from my younger cousins and family members back home in my country but being in this field of work has given me memories which I cherish and there is still more to come. I have worked with 3 different families thus far and I enjoyed every time spent with them because I learned something new each time that I’m on the job. I love the nanny profession.


How do you make a difference in the nanny community?

The way I would make a difference in a nanny community is to tell other nannies as myself to think positive, redirect their thoughts, and have a great perspective about life and be grateful for opportunities and life itself.


What are your thoughts about the nanny profession?  

My thoughts about this profession is that nannies should always remember that this job requires a lot of dedication, time and efforts however it’s one with great lifetime memories. It could be life changing and it in many cases have successful rewards.


What is the most valuable lesson learned while working as a nanny?

While working in this profession it has taught me to be more patient, humble and tolerant. I have also learnt different culture and diversity. It must be remembered that the nanny profession is not only about going to watch the kids there’s more to learn in this field of work.


What advice do you have for nannies that are new to the profession?   

My advice to new nannies is to take care of the child/children like they were your very own. You will develop an unconditional love and be very passionate about what you do. There’s something new to learn or to be taught each new day.


Tell us the one thing that people need to know about nannies?

People should know that we are not just nannies; we are the ones who come to care for the kids while their parents are away. We are part of a team and we create remarkable memories with those kids every way possible. The children in our care learn from us, we are their teacher, their tutors and mentors.


Once out of the nanny role what activities do you engage in and can’t do without?               

Relaxing with my son, writing, reading, listening to music once in a while and meditating.


How do you define wholesome living?

I would define wholesome living as being happy, being content with what you have, being focus, embracing the past, changing the belief I can’t and think positive, believe in gravity and positivity and we shall all accomplish the things we want.


How do you mange stress in your life?

I pray ask God for guidance, cry, I write and sing.



Our mind is very powerful! Fill our thoughts with positive things and our lives will begin to change.

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