Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

Hey—-I’m St Lucian!!


I’m St. Lucian!

I’m often asked about my origins, and nothing makes me prouder than declaring I’m from the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Despite my typically humble spirit, I always brag about St. Lucia whenever I’m afforded the opportunity. The island paradise of St. Lucia is nestled snugly north west of Barbados, south of Martinique, and north of St. Vincent. Its beautiful beaches, lush green forest, and vibrant ecosystem are unparalleled. With St. Lucia pride flowing to the deepest depth of my being, I boast of our majestic pitons, standing proudly, representing my home island’s proud patriots……my fellow countrymen!

Although I live in New Jersey, and I’m grateful for the many opportunities that exist here, my home is and will always be St. Lucia. If you happen to hear me burst out into a foreign dialect, know that I am speaking the language of my forefathers, a language of pride, eloquence, and music, music reflecting the movement and dance of my people. If you see me dancing in an almost “twerk-like” fashion, please excuse me, for I am simply dancing the dance of my ancestors.  A dance, which celebrates the uniqueness of our women and the strength girdled in their waists, is like no other. This rhythm continues, the rhythm of the waves as they dash against the shore, exposing the white sands, epitomizes the perfect island paradise that is St. Lucia.

I now understand why Columbus was mesmerized by her beauty and hence called her Fair Helen. I can imagine how awestruck he was by her landscape. I celebrate our many great strides, our lovely people, our bright future, and our reverence to God, who is truly our father.

I hope by now you have glimpsed where I’m from. I hope you can now better understand why I’m love-struck and I hope by now you realize that I’m proud of my heritage~perhaps if we as a people would not be threatened by what looks and sounds different we have greater opportunities to learn. Don’t let the patois that comes so freely out of my mouth scare you.


Those who do not know where they came from very well may not know where they are going. The pride of the same people and the strength of a nation collectively, shepherd its people.


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