Nanny of the Week-Carmen Soria

Everyone please meet Carmen Soria, a professional nanny who not only loves the profession but also really enjoys working with children. She understands the importance of a good nanny in the lives of the children in their care. She’s committed to ensuring that she leaves a positive mark on the life of each child she cares for and encourages every nanny to strive for the same. Let’s congratulate Carmen Soria, our Nanny of the Week.


What makes you a “Nanny Extraordinaire”?

I treat the kids in my care like they were my own kids.  I show them genuine love and respect.


What is your Nanny Story?

I came to this country in 1985 to follow my love.  I got married and had 2 beautiful children and I realized I loved kids, their innocence, pure love and golden hearts are contagious.  Although they are little people, they have a big sense of humor and heart.  I said to myself “I want to be a nanny” and I didn’t stop until I was.  I don’t regret it because I love it; it’s the profession I’ve chosen and I’m extremely proud that I made that choice!


How do you make a difference in the nanny community?

I always focus on the kids in my care.  I involved in every aspect of their care, I show him how he should behave and always guide him in the right direction. Because of that I’m adding value to the nanny profession by showing others how valuable a good nanny is in the life of a child. This help people appreciate the works of great nannies.


What are your thoughts about the nanny profession?

I always focus on my kid.  I follow him, show him how he should behave and always guide him in the right direction.


What is the most valuable lesson learned while working as a nanny?

You never stop learning when you are working with kids. Although the job could be challenging the rewards of raising children in the right way; being able to truly love them is great than any of the challenges a nanny may face while working.


What advice do you have for nannies that are new to the profession?

You must always be alert when you are a nanny. Your kids are your priority-care for them; love and respect them always.  Make sure to always put them first.



Tell us the one thing that people need to know about nannies?

Most nannies are trustworthy and responsible people.  While a few bad apples have made it difficult for people to see that the majority of nannies have really good intentions and will love and care for the kids in their care like they were their own children. Your kids are in good hands.

Once out of the nanny role what activities do you engage in and can’t do without?

Spending time with my family is one activity that I can’t do without.


How do you define wholesome living?

I eat right, sleep at least 8 hours a day and exercise.


How do you mange stress in your life?

I don’t let stress get to me.  I think positive and always remind myself that I have a wonderful family that is happy and healthy.


Thank you for this opportunity, Alene.  May God bless you.


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