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New Huggies® Little Movers® Diaper Pants

New Huggies® Little Movers® Diaper Pants – Are Here!


Hello All,

 I love to share exciting and great news! This one involves news about diapers, specifically the only slip-on diaper pants with easy open sides that go on like a pant and off like a diaper – finally!!! Who thought about this? No other company but our friends at Huggies®. I can hear you parents and nannies all over shouting – Thank You – finally!


 What’s even better is the fact that the diapers have targeted absorbency for boys and girls. These unique absorbent zones deliver targeted absorbency upfront for boys and in the center for girls – yes, you read this right! A company that considers the anatomical differences of boys and girls, and provides their consumers with a product that’s practical and works – is simply awesome!

 To top it off, the diaper pant has a stretchy waistband, sides and leg openings for a comfy fit and of course, engaging Disney characters on the front.

 Now this is great news worth sharing! You can try Huggies® Little Movers® Diaper Pants at Target or Target.com. It’s available in four sizes from Size 3 (16-28 lbs.) through Size 6 (over 35 lbs.)

 I’ve tried the diaper pants and really love all the features, and I would also love your feedback.

 Happy diapering my friends!


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