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Challenges Some Nannies Face

Challenges That Some Nannies Face Daily

I love to look at various reasons why people make certain choices and my approach is to always give everyone the benefit of the doubt and to respect their choices even when I vehemently disagree. I think that perhaps the reasons why people make certain choices may come from a place of fear or even a place of unknowing. I believe that my approach in examining other people’s actions/choices helps me remain rational and fair. However, there are a few things that I just don’t get or understand, specifically why a mother who’s looking for a nanny would discriminate against a nanny-a woman, who has children of her own. Why would you refuse to interview a nanny who has children and at the same time you are looking for someone who’s going to serve as a co-parent or alloparent to your own children? I’m puzzled!!

While I understand the anxiety might be because a parent believes that the nanny would call out of work when her kids are sick and so forth but also consider that as a parent yourself and most times an employee, you are hiring somewhere to care for your kids while you work which means that you are able to maintain continuity and constancy on your job. You are not calling out sick when your kids are sick- Are you? Consider that a nanny can also have that arrangement too, and not ever have to call out sick because her own kids are sick!! I think this is very plausible.     

I don’t believe a maternal parent who’s a professional nanny makes a better nanny but I could see how the desire that this nanny has to provide for her own children could fuel her decision to be a very good worker and be consistent on the job. I can also appreciate how the vulnerabilities that some nannies face in having to provide food, shelter and clothing for their children can result in them being motivated nannies who value their work; which means that they would strive to ensure success on their job, thus job security.  

Again we all need to stop looking at situations with narrow lenses. We also need to stop starting our conversations with “secondly” like the Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti eloquently said which prevents us from looking at situations in their entirety. Parent like nannies need to have open minds about the hiring process.

A hiring parent should not discriminate against another parent who’s seeking employment. There are more pressing issues to consider when hiring a nanny like safety of your children, hiring a professional who’s compassionate and is a quick-thinker, one who understand and respect boundaries and someone who’s  able to love a vulnerable child divinely. Yes, there are lots of more pressing issues to consider!!

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