British American Childcare Development Education Workshop

Dear Nannies,

Please join British American Household Staffing for a free child development education event on Tuesday, December 1st. We will be introducing the newest addition to our team, Ashley Mundt, M.Ed., CCLS, previewing curriculum for our brand new child development education and caregiver training services, as well as presenting a short lecture on the significance of incorporating sound developmental knowledge into daily care. In addition, we will be offering priority registration and a discounted fee for all caregiver training workshops, developmental education series, and private in-home sessions to those in attendance.
The goal of these new services is to provide educational opportunities for those who care for, and work with, children. Classes and workshops have been designed to provide a general understanding of child development (taught in age specific lessons) along with practical ideas and strategies for incorporating this knowledge in order to elevate the quality of care children receive. Our classes and workshops are not meant to teach strict protocols or a provided a step-by-step guide to caring for children. We respect that each child is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach that is applicable to all children, families, or caregivers. Instead of an instruction manual for childcare, we want to provide caregivers with a tool box full of information, proven strategies, and activity ideas that they can draw on to best support and nurture children’s development and handle challenges that will inevitably arise.
In creating the materials for this program, we have drawn information and resources from professional experience, current research, and leading experts in the fields of child development and developmental psychology. Our lessons are comprised of carefully curated current evidence-based information and expert advice on a wide variety of topics relevant to caring for children of all ages. Each lesson provides clear, simple developmental information and concrete examples of how this can inform the way caregivers interact with and respond to children on a day-to-day basis.
Heading up our child development education and caregiver training services will be Ashley Mundt, M.Ed., CCLS. Ashley has a strong academic background and years of hands on experience working with children and families in private and group settings. She received both a B.A. in Sociology and Youth and Human Services from Pepperdine University and an M.Ed. in Applied Child Studies from Vanderbilt. Her training as a Certified Child Life Specialist enables her to support and guide children and families during medical interventions, chronic illness, and family/home crisis situations. Although she has worked in many different settings throughout her career (including homes, schools, camps, and hospitals), her passion, and bulk of experience, is working directly with families in private homes. She has worked as a highly sought after nanny, childcare consultant, parent educator, and caregiver trainer. Ashley’s background of extensive developmental education and hands on experience in luxury homes puts her in a unique position to understand the needs of families, caregivers, and (most importantly) children.
We invite you to come and learn about these exciting new educational opportunities we are offering for our BAHS caregivers and families. In order to accommodate as many clients and caregivers as possible, we will host both a daytime (11:30-1:00) and evening (5:30-7:00) event on Tuesday, December 1st. Please RSVP to to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to preview sample materials, meet Ashley, learn about the importance of developmental education, and take advantage of priority registration for upcoming caregiver class series and workshops. We will also be offering special discounts and giving away a limited number of free sessions to those in attendance.

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