Huggies Wipes 101

Huggies Wipes 101  


Nannies, families, and children build relationships based on trust. It is trust that allows a parent to leave his or her kids with a nanny while he or she is away from home. It also takes trust on the nanny’s part to leave his or her zone of familiarity to integrate into a household. Children learn to trust nannies to provide an environment of love and safety in which they have the best opportunity to thrive. Nannies and families prefer products from brands that are built on trust, that is, from brands that ensure that the safety and well-being of children is never compromised when their products are used by people who love and care for these kids. As professionals who provide nanny care to children, it is important to know the products we use every day, products such as baby wipes.

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In homes around the world, nannies and parents use Huggies wipes daily. So when I received an invitation from Huggies to travel to Chicago to learn more about the extensive work and care that goes into the production of wipes, I was elated even though I thought I knew enough about wipes. Besides, I have used  Huggies Wipes for 13 years. I am happy to report that a few minutes into the Huggies baby wipes roundtable, I discovered that I had much more to learn. I left Chicago excited and pleased because I now understand even better that Huggies is a brand built on trust and safety, similar to what’s needed for a great nanny-family relationship. I left armed with new information about Huggies Wipes. Welcome to Huggies Wipes 101.

  1. Huggies spends a lot of time listening to and understanding the needs of parents and childcare providers.
  2. Huggies Natural Care Wipes are 99% water (I didn’t know that!) and contains aloe and vitamin E, ingredients that are great for baby’s sensitive skin. Babies’ skin health is very important to Huggies.
  3. Huggies wipes are made without alcohol, parabens and MI (Methylisothiazolinone), which are preservatives which can cause allergic skin reactions.
  4. As we know wipes must be absorbent and thick, yet gentle enough for babies skin. Therefore Huggies uses cellulose fibers, which are naturally derived fibers that are fluffy and soft to absorb the mess and polypropylene, which are micro fibers used to make wipes soft and strong.
  5. What I loved the most was the extensive tests and trials that Huggies has done over the years to ensure the highest safety and quality of their products; products we use daily on the children we care for and our own kids.
  6. The very exciting part of making the wipes also involves designing parent-friendly packaging to make the wipes easy to use whether you are at a playground, in the nursery, an enrichment class or simply on-the-go.

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In the nanny community we place great value on trust and hence we support brands which embrace this core belief that we share.

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2 thoughts on “Huggies Wipes 101

  1. I’ve been using the huggies brand of products for 15 years. It’s my go to for everything, for my kids, my makeup remover and toilet wipes. I love it. You can find it everywhere in my house and parents.


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