Nannies Protect and Love Children

When working as a nanny you often come in very close contact with other nannies. Sometimes friendships develop and that of course is wonderful because in a job that could be very isolated at times it’s good to have friends that understand the dynamics of the nanny profession. Having said all of that, you must also realize that if you are friends with another nanny or are in a nanny clique and notice that a nanny is doing something that may possibly violate a child you have a responsibility to speak with that nanny and call her to task. Furthermore if the situation persists you have to explore other possibilities or resolving that situation.

Although some nannies maybe offended, at the end of the day that too is okay because you would have done the right thing. You must also remember that it’s not what you say but how you say it; so be mindful to discuss the situation in absence of judgement. If you fail to do that and continue to be in a group or clique that’s not a true representation of the values you share this could have adverse effects on you as a professional. Others may assume that perhaps you too are guilty of the same violations as your nanny friend. Remember the old adage that “birds of a feather folk together”. Although this is a very narrow view that I reject, people often lean on this saying and use it to judge others. Be mindful of the values shared in your respective nanny cliques!

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