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Disorders of Development

According to National Down Syndrome Society, 1 in 691 babies born in the United States have Down Syndrome so therefore the likelihood of being interviewed for a nanny’s job where you will have to provide care for a child with Down Syndrome is highly plausible. You should therefore be aware of some of the facts about Down Syndrome which will help debunk some of the myths that exist about this disorder.

  1. Down Syndrome is a congenital disorder. In a nutshell it simply means that it not necessarily a hereditary disease but actually it’s a disorder one is born with.
  2. The disease is not cause by a faulty gene but rather by the possession of an extra 21st chromosome. To simplify it means that instead of having two 21st chromosome people with the disorder have three.
  3. The disorder is closely associated with the mother’s age. This basically means that females are born with their eggs and of course as we get older, the eggs- well become more matured. Whereas with men their produce sperms daily throughout their lifetime. Research suggests that the older the mother the higher the chance of having a child with the disorder.

Because we have so many children in our society with Down Syndrome public education and awareness is key to not only understanding the disorder better but in fact respecting people with Down Syndrome. Every child’s need is different especially as it relates to those with Down Syndrome because the cognitive delays vary across the board. However nannies, what you should know is that although these children have cognitive deficits they are not emotionally deficit. They therefore require and deserve the love, respect and consideration you would give to any other child.

Have a great week and continue to provide “nannycare” with awareness of not only the custodial aspect of caring for a child but rather from many various other aspects such as cognitive, physical and psychological development and much more. That’s how you will blossom into the nanny you were born to be.

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