Excerpts From My New Book- Nourishment for the Soul

“Nourishment for the Soul”

The woman at the Well – Where is Your Well?

The story of the woman a well in John 4:6-26 is a powerful piece of scripture which shows how Christ broke down barriers and assured that the message about salvation and grace in Jesus Christ was available to even the Gentiles. Early in my Christian walk, I found the story of the woman at the well as a remembrance that God who is all-knowing exemplified when Jesus told the woman about her not so stellar past and present life. Christ never rebuked the woman who was of sin, but rather he offered her a chance to relinquish her past and to gain a new life in him. Often times I hear some Christians calling out the sins of other Christians as if to say perhaps they may not have a true relationship with God but they are certainly not the judge of this. Christ reminds us that he is the one who chooses and not vice versa and as a result, we should be more humble in our approach as Christians. He further cautions us that “it’s the hearts of men that he’s after: those hearts that are repentant, humble, and willing to change for the better. It’s no wonder many raise eyebrows when they see that God himself said that “David was a man after his own heart.” David’s heart bled when he fell short of the glory of God, he constantly remained in a posture of brokenness and continued with his contrite spirit until God forgave him. The woman at the well also opened her heart and believed Christ.

Perhaps her openness came from the fact that Christ did not chastise her, he didn’t recall her indifference because she was a Samaritan woman, and never scolded her for the sins of her people, her nation or the sins of her forefathers. Through his approach with this woman who seems like she had overindulgence with sex and men, he showed her mercy and showed her that he was a gateway to the living water that would constantly saturate her heart and feed her soul. He approached a Samaritan woman, who was a known pagan worshipper and presented himself to her as the savior of the world and offered the joys of salvation to her who was broken by sin and hungry for the living water that Christ had to offer her.

In the end, the woman at the well never remained close-lipped about what Christ had done for her. Instead, she went out and spread the good news of salvation to people that had a deficit of knowledge as it relates to the true God of Israel. Through her bold actions, many received the salvation through Jesus Christ. I’m often reminded that it’s not where God meets you that matters, it very well maybe in the most sinful places, it may be in the den with thieves, perhaps in the places where demons roam or the dark abyss of a closed room where every day you may have an overindulgence with alcohol, sex, and drug. It may be behind prison walls, in very emotionally broken hearts and troubled minds. No matter where you are now, know that the omnipresent God will find you if you stop for a second and seek him and have a heart that’s willing to change. Realize that it does not matter what you believe now, whom you believe, or the worships of your past. Be assured that salvation is freely available to all who seek after the source of it. This is one of the greatest blessings of God through Jesus Christ who is Lord and Savior.

If you keep visiting the same old “well” regularly seeking after the same thing that you must have to replenish you, to make you feel good,  you may be tired of getting one extra high after another, and tired of listening to men’s sweet nothings at the same place day-after-day. Perhaps you may feel like the debt that you owe at that “well’ can never be repaid. Today, open your heart and allow God to take off the shackles at the well that keeps you coming back for more. You may be at the same unhygienic motel room waiting for the next man who will come to partake of your body in return for cash (that’s your well). Woman know that God is still God even in the motel room where you are and that he’s able to save you. Realize that the life that he’s able to offer you cannot be compared to the life that you are living presently. Know that even in this place, he loves you and longs for you to come to the realization about the depth and mercy of his love. Understand that the journey you are undergoing in your life no matter how hard it may be, God will be the good shepherd if you seek after him and he’ll make your burdens light when you surrender.

The well that you go to replenish, perhaps seeking love, the love you never got as a child, seeking money to buy the vanities of this world, realize that all of these will deem and lose their value and that the love of God is forever. Know without a shred of a doubt how valuable you are to God, that you are part and parcel of a great king, a creator, the Lord of Lords, and the one who seats in majesty in heaven. Would you allow Christ to give you the living water that would cause you never to thirst again. Seek him while he may be found.

My new book “Nourishment for the Soul” will be available mid-December. Thank you for supporting my work!

Alene Mathurin- living my life everyday with immense gratitude to the infinite source.


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