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Positive Discipline-My Nanny Circle

Happy Thursday All! Although it’s very windy today, the sun is out here in New Jersey and I could hear birds singing so beautifully. I often think that even they too are giving thanks to the Great Energies of this universe. I hope that you too have many things that you are thankful for.
Let’s talk about positive discipline for a brief minute. I believe that children are looking to us, both their parents and nannies to model the right behavior and in return they will emulate these behaviors and attitudes. I also believe that when a child does not follow the rules set within the household by the parents, we must find age appropriate ways to guide the child in a positive way about how to behave appropriately.
If a child constantly bites an adult when he/she is frustrated, realize that this child is going to do the same in school and also during playdates. Not correctly this type of behaving immediately sends a faulty message to the child that his/her behavior is acceptable. There are times we hear nannies and parents use the excuse that a child is going through “the terrible twos” (a healthy and normal phase of development) but we honestly have to ask ourselves how long does that phase truly last?
John Locke said that children are born as blank slate (tabula rasa is the term he used), (highly debatable though) but assuming this is true we have a huge opportunity to not only shape the lives of the children in our care but also help raise children who understands boundaries by first teaching this in homes we work in- our nanny employers must be on board! There must be cohesiveness of ideas, thoughts and actions when teaching children about healthy boundaries.

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