Stop Nannies – Consider How You Are Dressed For Work

Happy Wednesday. When going to work we have to be careful how we dress. While I understand that you all are adults and you will decide independently what works for you, I believe that some of the outfits that some nannies chose to wear when going to work reflect “perhaps” a lack of a good judgement.

Please save the daisy dukes shorts for the days that you are off. The beautiful tiny mini skirts although they look very sexy is certainly not appropriate for work. (remember we bend very frequently to either pick stuff up from the floor, put children in a stroller and also to play with them).

I’m a sucker for high heels but it’s very difficult to run with them on especially at the playground: besides 99.8 percent of the times they make your darn feet hurt. I took my high heels to work occasionally but it was to play dress up with “my girls” (their favorite thing to do). Now, the bust area, yes let’s talk about that..a low cut blouse is dangerously sexy, get a few of them but DO NOT WEAR THEM TO WORK…they are not appropriate.

Nannies remember you are going into a sacred place- a family’s home; you must respect that space and this starts with the way you dress when going to work. I will tell you frankly that I would appreciate any woman coming into my home dressed in a revealing way..that’s inappropriate and rude! Although you may work for a very liberal family I’m almost sure when you enter their home dressed like you are going to a club, they are thinking—–what the hell is she thinking!!!!!! I hope you make some space to consider that and perhaps to be more conservative when choosing outfits for work! #nannylife #workingwithboundariesinmind #respect #commoncourtesy

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