Oh Friday!!!-My Nanny Circle!

Dear nannies,
What is it about Fridays that cause us to have more energies when we have had the most exhausting week? Juggling kids for classes here and there; after school pick-ups; trains and bus rides; children with runny noses, RSV, coughs and cold; a quiche in the oven, picky eaters, sibling “wars” ..you get my drift! Are we then conditioned to behave a certain way on Fridays because we know that many of us will be free for two days? Possibly? (nothing wrong with that).  I see so many more smiley faces in the playrooms and enrichment spaces on Friday~~~yes, that’s true!!!  
Perhaps this allows us to see that our attitudes and behaviors are formed based on how we perceived things and construct our ideas about our reality. Is there a feeling of optimism, an “I can conquer all things”, a feeling of jubilation-on Fridays?  You see what totally freaked you out after a meeting with your employers on Monday maybe would be less threatening for some of you on Friday just because your mindset is different. Is that all all possible? I’ve actually heard nannies say that, “I don’t really care how much I have to do on Fridays, I just do it without complaining.”
Is it possible then that some of us may have to develop a “Friday” attitude for each day of the work week? Maybe this type of attitude might make it easier for our employers to work with us, it would allow us to be less stressed  and just perhaps we will get more calls from other nannies for play dates.  Should I dare say-Happy Friday!! #nannylife

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