Speak up- In The Absence of Judgement

Never be afraid to speak up! So many of us have learned; have been conditioned to “stay quiet” as we were so often told depending on the society we were raised in. We heard stuff like “girls are seen and not heard” and many never  realized how this would negatively impact so many women even to this day. Why? Because so many young girls took the meaning of the phrase very literal. We see the effects on our people today manifested in the forms of shyness and reservation; in always wanting to be in the back of a room, ultimately staying back in some aspects of life-literally!

Today we see these very same women sometimes being violated on their jobs and not speaking up. They fight with their internal conflicts because although they reject the violations that take place there’s another voice inside which tells them that is rude to speak up. We see them attending interviews and being so shy that they either fail the interview or settle for what’s given to them. Some have learned to settle and almost unconsciously say to “self” that’s the best that I can get.

I ask you to reflect a bit and realize that your unique voice matters. Realize that you can vehemently disagree in the absence of conflict; that you will be respected more when you can have effective dialogue with others in the absence of judgment. Most importantly, if you are raising children now, teach them to verbalize their thoughts, to have their unique voices/opinions heard, to be able to disagree while still being respectful- so that perhaps we can dispel the false notions we’ve learned which have left their prints in many own lives. And yes, girls are seen and also heard!

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