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Nanny Contracts, Interviews and More!

“If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  MAYA ANGELO

Apply your professionalism to gaining the respect in the most isolated industry. Life can only get better when you apply all the necessary tools that allow you the respect and full satisfaction for the job that makes all work possible. This workshop allows each of you to contribute to discussions about interviews, contracts and questions you should ask as you venture out in search for nanny jobs.

Jennifer Bernard’s Bio

Jennifer Bernard has worked as a professional nanny for the past 28years, a mother and grandmother and also a domestic worker organizer. Jennifer was part of the great “Movement of Domestic Workers” when the Bill of Rights was presented to Legislators and signed into law in 2010. She’s a recipient of Berger Mark Grant for Union School for Women at Amherst College. Jennifer has also been a huge supporter of the rights of migrants and recently participated in the United Nations documentary based on migrant women in irregular situations called “I AM NOT HERE” a film that most people would be able relate to. She remains a huge supporter of nannies and is an example of what a great nanny should be.

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