Respect is The Foundation of Any Relationship

Dear Nannies,

 If an employer swears at you once, it will happen again (“past behavior determines future behavior.”) No matter what job you do at one point or the other you will disappoint an employer. However employers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that they treat their workers humanely. Employees on the other hand must endeavor to follow rules/boundaries set by their employers.

Swearing at a nanny and asking her to leave your (include your adjective) home is not acceptable. What’s even more demeaning is when you ask her to stay as she grabs her bag to leave. The very frustrating part about all of this is that you do it ever so often and choose to apologize when you calm down-blaming your behavior on the fact that you are stressed. You recognize the nanny’s vulnerability, the fact she can’t be without a job to cause you to behave in a manner that’s frankly unacceptable.

Though I understand that you may have legitimate reasons for being upset and perhaps you are stressed at work but you must ensure that you respect others even when you are upset (that’s what we teach young children everyday). Perhaps if you see the woman that you swear at so vulgarly everyday as  your equal, as a human being, something would tell you that it’s not right to strip others of their basic human dignities and perhaps you would seek better ways to communicate even when you are really mad. If you understand that your children will mimic your behavior then this maybe a motivator to change that behavior.


Nannies if you work for an employer who swears at you constantly, you have the power to stop that vicious cycle by looking for a job where you and family value respect! There are lots of great families out there searching for really good nannies. #nannylife      

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