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Nannying With a Big Heart

Alene, we wanted to write you and share our experiences with our wonderful Nanny, Khadija. She takes wonderful care of our children and has become a literal member of our family. Khadija came to the US as an Au’ Pair and 2 years ago, converted to a full-time student at our local community college and live-in caretaker of our two children, 10 year old daughter Chase and our 8 year old son, Christian. We could not be any happier. Christian is a champion F1 Go Kart Racer who races all over the US, traveling with a coach/tuner and many long hours at the race track. Khadija enthusiastically comes to cheer him on at many races and has seen him win on several occasions.
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Out of solidarity and to better understand him and his sport (nee’ passion) Khadija spent a day at the race track learning to drive a go kart. The irony was with her first lesson, where Khadija had to do a “lead and follow” behind a more experienced driver, Christian. She found it ironic placing her life in his hands, where it is typically the reverse. That day she gained a deep appreciation for the level of skill and precision Christian was able to articulate driving skills, all while lapping her on the track many times. Alene once said to us years ago, “the nanny who doesn’t show interest in things that a child they care for is interested in or does not acknowledge the child’s birthdays, a personal milestone achieved may not be the right nanny for that child.
We are excited to see her soon try ice skating, as that is my daughter’s passion – ice hockey. I want all to know through this story that there are exceptional nannies like Khadija out there that are helping make the lives of families easier and are going beyond the call of duty.

Mike and Dr. Price (New Jersey)


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