blog post june 23

Finding Your Purpose!

This week I have been taking about falling into purpose. Some of us often wonder about what our purpose is while others tell you that they live their lives not truly having a sense of what they were destined to do. For a greater part of my life I too had questions about why was I created and for what purpose was I placed here. I would often sit back and question the present and past events of my life and would wonder why they happened. It seemed like I questioned everything! My answers about purpose would only come when I focused more on others rather than my own unique needs and the burning questions that I had.

I began to see a glimpse of why I was created when my heart was troubled by the plight of marginalized people, those that I would meet personally and those that I would hear about through their various tragic stories. I guess I understood more about myself when I started living in my most authentic self, when I unconsciously became selfless. It was then that I understood that I was created perhaps to be an anchor to someone else. I was perfectly designed to not see limitations in others, to have the audacity to tell someone else that they were beautifully designed too and that within them they had the innate ability to be anything they dared themselves to be. Although I am perfectly created imperfections visited many different chapters in my life but it was through these trials I became who I am today. I know without a doubt, that I was created to be used for God’s glory through the humble assignments that he has tasked me with. Because of this awareness I work diligently each day to ensure that I’m a good steward and that I’m using my purpose to leave a positive imprint in the lives of those I encounter. In the moments that I feel like I’ve failed to achieve this goal, I run to my “Source” of strength seeking wisdom to do better in the future.

I hope you too can find your own beautiful purpose and that you are able to live your best life possible.

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