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Positively Nannies- The New Addition to Our Blog

Dan Ariely Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University says that “there’s evidence that we are also driven by the meaningfulness of our work, by other peoples’ acknowledgement of it.” I believe this is especially true for professions that are sometimes often disregarded by some.

This is why we have a new segment on our blog called “Positively Nannies”. We would like to hear all the beautiful stories about nannies and how they contribute positively to families through their work.

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Very often I meet families who share with me wonderful stories about how their nannies go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the family unit function well. The stories are so heartfelt! We want to hear these stories as we know it will motivate other nannies to continue to do well. Perhaps it will help balance what we read about the work of nannies.
Please nominate your nanny for our “Positively Nannies” feel good Friday story. Please send your email to alene@mynannycircle.com. You will be able to fill out an online form by this week to share your story on our blog. A special thank you to all the wonderful families who hire nannies and are so respectful of the nanny profession. Our nanny community value these families and we say thank you very much.

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