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Kids Will Occasionally Get Hurt Even Under the Best Supervision

One of most important responsibility of a nanny is to always ensure that the safety and well-being of children take precedence over all things.

We also know however that in caring for children accidents will happen. While going across on the money bars, or climbing on play structures at the playground they may slip and fall. They will sometimes get a bump here and there no matter if they are with the nanny or their parents. Even under the best of situations accidents will happen.

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Parents must be emotionally prepared to handle this fact. Understand that you must be fair in dealing with a situation where a child gets a small injury while in the care of the nanny. Of course it your right as a parent to question the nanny about the event that led to the accident.  However if the child frequently gets bumps here and there, scratches everywhere while in your care please except that it’s likely that the child my get a bump or two with the nanny.

I believe what frustrates a nanny is when she notices that her charge frequently gets a cut here and there while in the care of the parents but as soon as the child get a small mark while in the care of the nanny “some” parents get clearly upset and may act in unreasonable ways. Again you must do your due diligence as parents to ensure that your child is always safe and is in the care of a nanny that’s engaging but also understand that children will fall, they will get bumps, smalls cuts, and there!!!

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