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Brooklyn Family is Proud to Tell Us About Their Devoted, Loyal & Thoughtful Nanny

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My family would like to nominate our devoted caregiver of over three years, Jennifer Norgriff-Bernard, for your Friday Positively Nannies spotlight!

Jennifer arrived in our lives just two short weeks after our son was born and not only has our little guy developed a true love and bond for her, Jennifer has supported our entire family as we’ve adjusted and acclimated to parenthood. We now have a second child, a 6-month old daughter, and life is more challenging… But thanks to Jennifer, we felt confident that we could grow our family successfully, knowing that we would have her great support, devotion and loyalty.jennifer positively nannies

To say that our children adore Jennifer is an understatement. Our son rushes to the door when he hears the doorbell ring in the morning, knowing that Jennifer is on the other side and their fun day together is about to begin. He hugs her every so tightly when their day is drawing to close. Our daughter, even though she is only 6 months, beams with joy when she hears or sees Jennifer. She clings to her with so much affection. When Jennifer sings to her, she sings back! (Crazy, but true!) They’re total love-birds.

We admire and respect Jennifer’s professionalism in all realms. Beyond our home she is also a true leader in the industry and a thoughtful and proud advocate for nannies and domestic workers everywhere.

Jennifer is there for us every step of the way. We are teammates. We appreciate her openness and communication related to how to best nurture our kids. She offers us such caring advice, rooted in decades of experience and unconditional love. At the same time, we admire and respect how she takes such great initiative in making sure our children are thriving. She is their friend, but also their teacher, mentor and protector. Our kids are encouraged to have fun, be kind, be curious and always be themselves. What more could parents wish for in a caregiver? We are so lucky to have Jennifer in our family.

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