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“Our Nanny Has Been And Will Continue to be Part of Our Family” says North Carolina Family

Ulanda served as our son’s nanny for his first 18 months of life.  In that time, she became part of our family.  She looked after Malcolm as if he were her own. He loved his “nanda” unconditionally and was always excited to see her.

She consistently went over and above or expectations. One day, he was extremely cuddly and clingy because of a bad ear infection. Ulanda came with him to the doctors because he wouldn’t leave her arms. She held him throughout the entire appointment to his delight.

At his first birthday,  he spent the entire time with her.  She carried him around and paraded him through the room like any proud parent.

We are forever grateful for her loving care.  She even came to visit us in North Carolina after we moved away from Connecticut. She has been and will continue to be part of our family.  We love her dearly.


The Marks Family-


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