We Value Diversity and Inclusiveness

My goal from day one was to create a platform that’s absolutely inclusive.  I think of My Nanny Circle as a Universal Nanny Community because of my sheer respect for all people.
In moments of contemplation and reflection, the Latin phrase, “E Pluribus Unum” awakens my inner spirit and keeps me deeply grounded. The phrase simply means, “out of many there’s one.”
It’s because of that realization, I continue to respect our diversity as a universal community. I’m keenly aware that our differences should never intimidate us, but rather allow us to learn and grow not only as professionals but also as people.
When we fail to see how similar we are as people and when we fail to recognize the value of another person, we are operating in our lower self which is fueled by fear and ego.
As professionals who are given such unique opportunities to shape the lives of the next generation of people through “nanny-care”, we must endeavor to serve and operate in the highest part of who we are -The Higher Self. For in the higher self there’s love and the utmost realization in the value of all lives.
The higher self quiets the lower self and allows us to intentionally show respect and regards for all that we encounter. The higher self is fearless, grounded and secured in love. It therefore gives what it has, which is love and consequently everyone in its path benefits from that love.
The ones who benefit the most are the young children who are in our care daily. They learn from us each day and eventually take all they have learned into the world. One of the greatest lessons we can teach them is respect for all people regardless of who they are. When we do that they in turn will value all lives and say some day – E Pluribus Unum!
Let’s continue to provide nanny-care mindfully knowing that we are leading the next generation of people. Our world needs a little more tolerance; greater respect for all lives; greater respect for nature; respect for God which would cause us to respect all.
I invite you to be a part of a Universal Nanny Community – My Nanny Circle Facebook Group, where we endeavor to simply value all people.

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